Bangkok Blockchain Summit 2019

Blockchain Technology and its Application

This summit brings together blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of the blockchain.

Blockchain applications, in supply chains, healthcare, global monetary systems, financial technologies, energy trading, music, electronic record authentication, delivery of government services and many more.  is expected to have a significant impact on various industries and so it is critical for stakeholders to formulate careful legal and business strategies around this new business models as the technology and infrastructure, as well as the corresponding market appetite and regulatory structures, evolve rapidly in disparate global markets.

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the speaker on Thailand’s regulatory framework on cryptocurrency and digital asset businesses as well as Initial Coin Offerings. The new Thai legislation with its strict but fair regulations provides a solid and sustainable arena to invest in a trusted and reliable crypto-jurisdiction. The presentation describes the regulatory requirements, the tools and modules of a Thai ICO and its implementation in a multi-jurisdiction environment.

In the past, ICOs had been an easy game, based on rules that are defined by one of the players. Times changed already in Thailand and its comprehensive regulatory framework might be a role model for other jurisdictions.

Thailand’s national regulations meet multi-currency and multi-legislation crypto-ventures in a multi-business environment. The opportunities to chose the preferred legal and tax framework, based on setting-up a Thai or foreign company, a choice of law clause in the whitepaper and checking the boxes in governmental forms are limited. A regulatory effective corporate structuring and sophisticated tax planning are essential.

The speech will highlight problem-solving approaches and guidelines for cross-border ICOs and digital asset businesses.


Also, the presentation contains an update on hands-on experiences in the dealings with the Thai SEC, Ministry of Finance, Bank of Thailand and the Revenue Department.

February 15, 2019 | Hilton Sukhumvit Hotel | Bangkok

With respect to cryptocurrencies, digital asset businesses and ICOs, the Bangkok law firm offers mainly these seven legal and tax services:

  • Thai crypto-compliant company formations
  • Regulatory-avoiding and tax-efficient cross-border structuring
  • Digital asset and financial services licensing
  • Blockchain and ICO advisory services
  • ICO litigation 
  • Cryptotransaction support services
  • Legal opinions and professional statements

Details can be found at “Legal advice, tax structuring, transaction support services and business matchmaking on Fintech, cryptocurrency and digital asset ventures“.

Disclaimer: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This low-resolution high-level outlook constitutes neither legal advice nor an attorney-client relationship.

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