Baht and Bitcoin accepted here!

The Bangkok law firm accepts cryptocurrencies

All professional fees, governmental costs, and other expenses paid to PUGNATORIUS Ltd. can be made in BitCoin. Altcoins and the Facebook Libra are accepted as well. This includes privacy coins like Monero and Dash.

For each and every payment, a regular receipt and tax invoice will be submitted – without a reference to the alternative currency. The QR Code and Bitcoin key for digital transfers to PUGNATORIUS are available on request.

The law firm advises clients regarding the regulatory requirements and effective solutions to finance foreign direct investments in Thailand through cryptocurrencies. Alternative currencies can be utilized to replace traditional finance structures, lower transaction costs, and to avoid legal hurdles and limitations abroad.

Due to its territorial tax system, Thailand has – whether rectified or not – become a hub for TICO Thai Initial Coin Offerings, TGE Token Generating Events, and digital currency investments. This makes it interesting to consider cross-border cryptocurrency businesses by foreign investors.

Bitcoin legal advice and services

The post “Seven Opportunities: Baht, Blockchain & Bitcoin” informs about business opportunities in Thailand’s CryptoFinTech industries. Tax aspects are outlined in the article “Bitcoin Taxation in Thailand”. Privacy concerns and the relevance for the cryptocurrency owner are discussed at “Bitcoin Public Key Management“. Practical advice what to do after the tax burden already occured is provided at “Seven strategies for tax-contaminated cryptocurrencies“. How to use cross-border structures to optimize the business structure is explained at “The offshore structuring of blockchain transactions” The upcoming regulatory environment for TICOs is highlighted in the article “CryptoFinTech in Thailand: The Thai Initial Coin Offering“.

The law firm is frequently involved in this new sector of Thailand’s FinTech industries and has a wealth of professional experience and expertise in the corporate and tax structuring of cryptoinvestments in the Land of Smile. Also, it is assigned as ICO advisor abroad.

For foreign investors, PUGNATORIUS is an informed and educated contact partner for a wide scope of foreign investment schemes and structures and the underlying tax implications. 

Professional services in Thailand’s Fin-Tech sector

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. offers mainly these seven legal and tax services:

  • Thai crypto-compliant company formations
  • Regulatory-avoiding and tax-efficient cross-border structuring
  • Digital asset and financial services licensing
  • Blockchain and ICO advisory services
  • Thai and cross-border tax structuring
  • Cryptotransaction support services
  • Legal opinions and professional statements

Details can be found at “Legal advice, tax structuring, transaction support services and business matchmaking on Fintech, cryptocurrency and digital asset ventures“.

Disclaimer: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This low-resolution high-level outlook constitutes neither legal advice nor an attorney-client relationship.

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