6th PPPs In Emerging Markets Conference

6th PPPS in Emerging Market 2016 Programme

6th PPPS in Emerging Market 2016 Programme

The PPPs in Emerging Markets Summit Series started in 2010 and is now in the 6th Edition. The summit bring together Infrastructure & Project Finance leaders across government agencies, investors, project sponsors, development banks and consultants to discuss about various different topics of Public Private Partnerships. These are the speakers:

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Event Feature includes Ministerial and governmental presentation on future pipeline projects and government initiatives to support PPPs, distinguished panelists to discuss key issues in developing countries to attract investment in infrastructure, developing best practice and understanding risks and rewards for major essential projects and International case studies from key sectors – Transport, Energy & Power, Healthcare, Water & Waste, Schools and Economic Infrastructure such as Free Trade Zones, Sea & Air Ports. <Full brochure here>

PUGNATORIUS acts as chairman of the conference. Again.


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