Coronataxation in Thailand – how to tax the pandemic

Corona impact tax measures in Thailand

The Corona crisis requires fiscal measures and there is no doubt that Thailand’s tax legislation and regulatory framework will change significantly. Similarly, the great flood, which brought with it extensive fiscal aid measures in 2011/2012, has already been implemented.

Rapid actions: The first immediate measures have already come into effect. But this is only the beginning. In addition to the transition, the first lockdown in Thailand, the post-pandemic world will require a changed regulatory environment in the long run.

BOI: Special treatment will be granted to Thai companies with typically foreign shareholders, which are subject to investment promotion by the Thai Board of Investment. Such BOI companies are given special privileges, which is also a normal part of the promotion conditions.

Post-pandemic world: In addition to immediate tax measures, the aim is to establish new business structures in the post-pandemic world in a tax-efficient manner. Any restructuring and workout that does not take sufficient consideration of tax issues will lead to unnecessary tax costs. This is especially true for foreign direct investments in Thailand.

Comprehensive summary: There is a large number of publications, articles and news on current tax measures. The multitude of partly contradictory measures overtaxes the tax layman. This website is not an unsuitable attempt to provide a comprehensive overview.

#CoronaAlliance – tax advice and assistance in the management of the Coronavirus crisis

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the Bangkok-based specialist provider of transactional legal and tax advice on foreign investments in Thailand’s manufacturing and service industries as well as property developments and acquisitions. The law firm sees the pandemic as a challenge to protect and enforce the legal and economic interests of international clients in a dynamic situation with high-quality and pragmatic advice and action.

Tax structuring and tax consulting is offered by PUGNATORIUS Ltd. not only as a byproduct but represents an essential part of the consulting practice in Bangkok. The law firm has at its disposal the only German tax advisor working in Thailand with many years of professional experience in an international environment. PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the contact person for Thai tax planning through the international Advisory Excellence consulting network. This is based on a large number of tax law publications and specialist conferences in recent years.

CoronaAlliance: As a founding member of the CoronaAlliance, the law firm advises on the legal implications of the Coronavirus outbreak as well as on tax planning opportunities. It also provides consulting on short-term and long-term measures to avoid or mitigate the damage to companies, individuals, and institutions. It provides guidance in the transition process to the post-pandemic world to protect clients’ assets, wealth, and business. #CoronaAlliance #PostPandemicWorld

The professional services linked to the effects of the outbreak of COVID-19 are explained at “Legal support and assistance regarding the effects of the #coronavirusoutbreak”.

Disclaimer: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This low-resolution high-level outlook constitutes neither legal advice, nor an attorney-client relationship, nor equips with the insights, tools or skills to do this without the CoronaAlliance. Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.

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