Legal advice in the management of the virus crisis and guidance for the transition into the post-pandemic world

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is since 2012 the Bangkok-based specialist provider of transactional legal and tax advice on foreign investments in Thailand’s manufacturing and service industries as well as property developments and acquisitions. The law firm sees the pandemic as a challenge to protect and enforce the legal and economic interests of international clients in a dynamic situation with high-quality and pragmatic advice and action. 

CoronaAlliance: As a founding member of the CoronaAlliance, the law firm advises on the legal implications of the Coronavirus outbreak as well as on tax planning opportunities. It also provides consulting on short-term and long-term measures to avoid or mitigate the damage to companies, individuals, and institutions. #CoronaAlliance

Pandemic and pandemic measures: There are different views on the origin and effects of the coronavirus. It is also controversial whether the governments in Thailand and other countries have taken and continue to take the right measures. It is beyond dispute that Thailand has suffered severe economic damage due to the sum of the pandemic and defense measures. For the foreign or even Thai investor it is important to get the best out of the situation in the interest of his company, employees, and shareholders. PUGNATORIUS Ltd. and CoronaAlliance provide professional services in this vital sector.

On the company level, PUGNATORIUS Ltd. advises and supports companies and entrepreneurs regarding the necessary measures for the venture in Thailand. This includes legal disputes with business partners, labor law measures, tax options, as well as the possibilities for comprehensive restructuring up to the avoidance of insolvency and controlled insolvency including the adjustment of the company structure, out-of-court agreements with the company creditors, examination of the conditions for insolvency, negotiations with creditors and employees, court proceedings. Examination of insurance claims, strategic approach towards the insurance company, preservation of evidence and documentation of claims arising from the insurance relationship, out-of-court and judicial enforcement.

Regarding commercial contracts, franchise agreements, and international supply chains, the Bangkok law firm assists in the representation of interests and offers transaction support for the enforcement of even complex cases. This covers interruptions in delivery, breaches of contract, commercial defaults, delays and non-performance, the enforcement of contractual rights, the protection against unjustified attacks by the contracting party, litigation and arbitration in Bangkok and Singapore. 

Regarding real estate investments, the law firm advises foreign real estate investors as well as property developers on the proper course of action in the event of contract violations. This is sensibly done as early as possible, in the run-up to an insoluble crisis. This concerns a construction stop, payment moratoria under a rental guarantee, or similar sales promotion measures, as well as questions of termination and distancing from real estate purchases.  

For directors, officers, and employees, PUGNATORIUS Ltd. assists in disputes concerning employment contracts and labor law, including litigation. It advises regarding the responsibility of the employer and his options for action with regard to employment contracts, wage payments, holiday arrangements, etc. as well as the legal status of the employee and the enforcement of his labor law claims. The professional services cover questions of force majeure, behavior during restructuring, the termination of management contracts, and similar cases. 

Thai tax advice and cross-border tax planning: Tax structuring in the face of the pandemic, tax planning for tax-efficient arrangements, provision of evidence, and enforcement against the tax authorities.

Post-pandemic world: PUGNATORIUS Ltd. and the CoronaAlliance provide guidance in the transition process after the Coronavirus outbreak has been managed and the business has been adjusted to the new requirements, situation and business environment. Foreign investors in Thai industries, properties, and people should be prepared that the Thai partners and shareholders might in the PPW not follow the previous level of cooperation. Silent partners may suddenly become surprisingly active and nominees may discard their previous restraint. It might be the new normal that Thailand reclaims and retrieves its claims and rights as they have always been in the laws. #PostPandemicWorld

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