Dear Villa Owner in Samui, Phuket, Hua Hin,

Dear Villa Owner in Samui, Phuket, Hua Hin or elsewhere,

Some time ago you acquired your villa on the tropical beaches of Thailand. The transaction required some paperwork, mostly in the Thai language. The structure might be called leasehold ownership, freehold villa on leased land, company ownership or simply property investment. Anyway, the boring legal matters had been swiftly accomplished by certain advisors long time ago and in the meantime luckily no need for further action or substantial payments has been requested by them.

The deal had been sealed together with some Thai business partners. They might still be involved as the landlord, as silent majority shareholders in the company that owns the land, as trustee or partner with certain other responsibilities which seem not to have any visible impact on your investment. Everything remains to be relaxed, quiet and silent. Forever?

Times are changing, governments come and go, new regulations are announced and a stricter enforcement of anti-foreigner legislation had been promised for decades. A crackdown seems to be far far away and might just effect unlicensed diving schools and wedding photographers.

Despite these comforting facts, do you sometimes get the feeling that you should have some more reliable information about your investment in Thailand? Shouldn’t you ask an independent legal advisor for his professional opinion on that? An outsider, not regularly involved in the local real estate industry and not economically dependent on the real estate brokers and agents? Someone who can compare your investment structure with the standards in other beach locations of Thailand? A professional law firm in Bangkok to provide a written legal opinion on structures, participants, and risks?

Don’t take “no problem!” as an answer. There is obviously never ever a “zero risk” situation in Thailand. What are in your specific case the three most likely scenarios to lose your investment? Are you really the full legal owner of your villa? What will happen if you pass away? Does someone else regularly pay T-money with respect to your property to keep the officers outside of the door? And what will happen if that stops? Do you have to fear a stricter enforcement of building and environmental laws?

If you would like to discuss these considerations further, contact the law firm in Samui of Bangkok. We are ready to suggest and discuss an action plan which would not alarm the current players and participants. Just a careful review of available documents and a confidential research of public registers for a reasonable fee to secure your piece of paradise.

Best regards.

Bangkok – Koh Samui

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