Seven EEC clusters: 1. Digital Park Thailand

Digital Park Thailand

Digital Park Thailand

The Eastern Economic Corridor is no unique three-province-area but has important particularities regarding infrastructure, investment promotion, and overall legal environment. Foreign direct investments in the EEC have to pick the perfect location to optimize the achievable benefits. 

The seven most attractive clusters of the Economic Corridor are showcased on this page – starting with the first cluster, the Digital Park Thailand:

1. Digital Park Thailand

As the brainchild of CAT Telecom,, the Digital Park is Thailand’s ultra-high broadband strategic area in Siracha in the Chonburi province. It covers 1,137,600 sqm, and is located 40 minutes away from Pattaya and roughly 90 minutes away from Suvarnabhumi international airport. Si Racha is known as the provenance of the popular hot sauce, Sriracha, which is named after the town.

DigiPark Thailand aims to be the key destination for digital global players and digital biz innovators to Invest-Work-Learn-Play together in the park where modern digital lifestyle meets up with digital business. The heart of the Thai Blockchain, the digital highway on the one belt one road track. 

The industry park is subdivided into three zones: (i) private sector innovation space, (ii) digital talent space and (iii) smart living space. Eight dl clusters are promoted: (1) Computer Hardware, Semi/Superconductor, (2) Smart Device, IoT, Robotic, (3) Big Data & AI, (4) Intelligent Platform & Auto System, (5) Immersive Content, (6) Satellite & Broadcast, (7) Future Ultra High BB, and, finally, (8) Digital Tech Startup.

Under the land use plan, 15% of the territory shall be used for research institutes (e.g. the Internet of Things Institute), 25% is dedicated to living space and the remaining 60% are reserved for private companies. 

FinTech ventures, cryptocurrencies, and other digital businesses should carefully examine whether the EEC benefits and the overall infrastructure make the Digital Park to a preferred location for an investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor. 

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