EEC: Target Industries

This is the current list of targeted industries to obtain a BOI super promotion in the Eastern Economic Community (EEC).

Section 1: Agriculture and Agricultural Products

1.1  Manufacture of biological fertilizers, organic fertilizers, Nano-coated organo chemical fertilizer and bio-pesticides

1.2  Plant or animal breeding (only those that are not eligible for biotechnology activity)

1.8  Grading, packaging and storage of plants, vegetables or fruits

1.9  Manufacture of starch made from plants that have special properties

1.12 Manufacture of active ingredients from natural raw materials

1.16 Manufacture of fuel from agricultural products, including agricultural scrap or garbage or waste

1.16.1 Manufacture of fuel from agricultural products

1.16.2 Manufacture of fuel from agricultural scrap or garbage or waste, e.g. biomass to liquid (BTL), biogas from wastewater

1.16.3 Manufacture of biomass briquettes and pellets

1.17 Manufacture or preservation of food, beverages, food additives or food ingredients using modern technology (except for drinking water, ice cream, candy, chocolate, gum, sugar, carbonated soft drinks, pugnatorius, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages and flour or starch made from plants, bakery products, instant noodles, essence of chicken and bird`s nest)

1.18 Manufacture of medical food or food supplements

Section 2: Mineral, Ceramics and Basic Metals

2.3 Manufacture of advanced or Nano materials or products produced from advanced or Nano materials

2.3.1 Manufacture of Advanced or Nano Materials or products produced from Advanced or Nano Materials with continued manufacturing process from Advanced or Nano Materials within the same project

2.3.2 Manufacture of Products produced from Advanced or Nano Materials

2.4 Manufacture of glass or ceramic products

2.4.1 Manufacture of Special Quality Glass Products

Section 3: Light industry

3.1 Manufacture of textile products or parts

3.1.1 Manufacture of natural or synthetic fibers Manufacture of technical fiber or functional fiber

3.1.2 Manufacture of yarn or fabric Manufacture of functional yarn or functional fabric

3.11 Manufacture of medical devices or parts

3.11.1 Manufacture of high-risk or high-technology medical devices, (e.g. x-ray machine, MRI machine, CT scan machine and implants) or medical devices that are commercialized from public sector research or collaborative public-private sector research

3.11.2 Manufacture of other medical devices (except for medical devices made of fabrics or fibers)

Section 4: Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment

4.1 Manufacture of metal products including metal parts

4.1.1 Products from metal or alloy powder

4.5 Manufacture of machinery, equipment and parts

4.5.1 Automation machinery and/or automation equipment with engineering design

4.5.2 Machinery, equipment and parts and/or repair of mould and die

4.5.4 Assembling of Robots or Automation Equipment and/or Automation Parts

4.7 Manufacture of automobile engines

4.8 Manufacture of vehicle parts

4.8.1 Manufacture of vehicle parts using high technology including: Substrate for Catalytic Converter Electronic Fuel Injection System Automotive Transmission Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

4.8.2 Manufacture of automobile safety and energy-saving parts Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) or Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Regenerative Braking System Idling Stop System Autonomous Emergency Braking System

4.8.3 Manufacture of parts for Hybrid, Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) Battery Traction Motor Air-condition system

4.8.4 Manufacture of rubber tires for vehicles

4.8.5 Manufacture of Fuel System Parts including Fuel Pump Injection Pump Injector

4.8.6 Manufacture of Transmission System Parts including Sun Gear Ring Gear Shift Gear Transfer Case Torque Converter Carrier Propeller Shaft Drive Shaft Universal Joint Differential Transmission Case

4.8.7 Manufacture of Engine System Parts including Turbocharger

4.8.8 Manufacture of Safety Parts including Airbag Inflator, Gas Generator, Gas Generant

4.10 Manufacture of trains or electric trains or equipment or parts (only rail system)

4.11 Manufacture or repair of Aircraft, or Aerospace Devices and Equipment

4.11.1 Manufacture of aircraft or aircraft parts such as airframe, critical parts (e.g. engine and parts, propeller), appliance (e.g. flight recorder, radar), equipment and other components

4.11.2 Manufacture of onboard devices and equipment (except disposable and reusable aircraft utilities and supplies) such as seats, life vests, trolley, galley, etc.

4.11.3 Repair of Aircraft or Aircraft parts.

4.11.5 Manufacture of Aerospace Devices and Equipment such as devices or equipment related to rockets/spacecraft/ space vehicles/propulsion units and auxiliary equipment, etc.

4.11.6 Aerospace Operating Systems such as search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, nautical systems and instruments, etc.

4.12 Manufacture of motorcycles with more than 500 cc engine

4.13 Manufacture of Fuel Cells

4.14 Fabrication Industry

4.14.1 Fabrication industry or platform repair with engineering design

4.15 Manufacture of science equipment

4.15.1 Scientific equipment using high technology

4.15.2 Other scientific equipment

Section 5: Electronics and Electrical Appliances Industry

5.1 Manufacture of electrical products

5.1.1 Manufacture of advanced technology electrical products

5.2 Manufacture of parts and/or equipment used for electrical products

5.2.1 Manufacture of Power Inverter Manufacture of Power Inverter for industrial use

5.3 Manufacture of electronic products

5.3.1 Manufacture organics and printed electronics (OPE)

5.3.2 Manufacture of telecommunication products Manufacture of emission, transmission and reception devices used in fiber-optic and wireless communication systems Manufacture of other telecommunication products

5.3.3 Manufacture of electronic control and measurement instruments for industrial/ agricultural use

5.3.4 Manufacture of security control equipment

5.4 Manufacture of parts and/or equipment used for electronic products

5.4.1 Manufacture of parts for organic and printed electronics (OPE)

5.4.2 Manufacture of solar cells and/or raw materials for solar cells

5.4.3 Manufacture of parts for telecommunication products Manufacture of parts for emission, transmission and reception devices used in fiber-optic and wireless communication systems Manufacture of parts for other telecommunication products

5.4.4 Manufacture of parts for electronic control and measurement instruments for industrial/agricultural use, medical/scientific devices, and automotive industry

5.4.5 Manufacture of parts for security control equipment

5.4.6 Manufacture of hard disk drive and/or parts for hard disk drive Manufacture of advanced technology hard disk drives and/or parts (excluding top covers, base plates or peripherals) Manufacture of hard disk drives and/or parts (excluding top covers, base plates or peripherals)

5.4.7 Manufacture of solid state drives and/or parts for solid state drives

5.4.8 Manufacture of parts and/or equipment for solar-powered products

5.4.9 Manufacture of semiconductors and/or parts for semiconductors

5.4.10 Manufacture of equipment and/or parts for photonic devices and/or for photonic integrated systems

5.4.11 Manufacture of flat panel display

5.4.12 Manufacture of flexible printed circuit and/or multi-layer printed circuit boards and/or parts 5.5 Manufacture of material for microelectronics

5.5.1 Manufacture of wafer

5.5.2 Manufacture of material based

5.6 Electronics design

5.6.1 Microelectronics design

5.6.2 Embedded system design

5.7 Software

5.7.1 Embedded Software

5.7.2 Enterprise software and/or digital content

5.7.3 High Value-Added Software)

5.9 Digital services

  • Develop and provide analysis and data management software services, including big data, data analytics, and predictive analytics software
  • Develop information security and cyber security software
  • Develop system software for advanced- technology devices, including business process management
  • Develop industrial software used to support manufacturing

5.9 Digital services

  • Software platform
  • Managed service
  • Digital architecture design service
  • Digital services such as FinTech, DigiTech, MedTech, AgriTech, etc.


Section 6: Chemicals, Paper and Plastics

6.2 Manufacture of eco-friendly chemicals or polymers or products from eco- friendly polymers

6.2.1 Manufacture of eco-friendly chemicals or polymers or manufacture of products from eco-friendly chemicals or polymers that is incorporated within the same project as the manufacture of eco-friendly chemicals or polymers

6.2.2 Manufacture of products from eco-friendly polymers

6.4 Manufacture of petrochemicals

6.5 Manufacture of specialty polymers or specialty chemicals

6.7 Manufacture of plastic packages with special properties:

6.7.1 Multilayer plastics packaging

6.7.2 Aseptic plastics packaging)

6.7.3 Antistatic plastics packaging)

6.9 Active pharmaceutical ingredients

6.10 Manufacture of medicine

6.12 Manufacture of pulp or paper

6.12.1 Hygienic pulp or hygienic paper

6.12.2 Specialty pulp or specialty paper

6.13 Manufacture paper articles

6.13.1 Manufacture of products from hygienic paper

6.13.2 Manufacture of paper container coated with bio-plastics

6.13.3 Manufacture of high-performance paper products

6.14 Production of printed matter

6.14.1 Production of digital printed matter

Section 7: Service and Public Utilities

7.1 Public utilities and basic services

7.1.1 Production of electricity or electricity and steam Production of electricity or electricity and steam from garbage or refuse derived fuel Production of electricity or electricity and steam from renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass or biogas, etc. except from garbage or refuse derived fuel

7.1.2 Production of tap water, industrial water or steam

7.1.3 Container yards or inland container depots

7.1.4 Loading/unloading facilities for cargo ship

7.1.5 Commercial airports

7.3 Mass transit systems and transportation of bulk goods

7.3.3 Mass transportation services

7.3.4 Air transportation services

7.4 Logistics service centers

7.4.2 International distribution centers – IDC

7.8 Energy Service Company (ESCO)

7.9 Real estate development for industrial use

7.9.1 Real estate development for industrial use Real estate development for industrial use Logistics Park Industrial zone for motion picture production (Movie Town) Industrial estate or industrial zone for environmental protection Rubber industrial zones (Rubber City) Aircraft or Aerospace Industrial Zones or Industrial Estates

7.9.2 Industrial zones or technology industrial zones Science and Technology Parks Software Parks Data Center Innovation Incubation Center

7.10 Cloud Service

7.11 Research and development

7.12 Biotechnology

7.12.1 Research and development (R&D) activity and/or manufacturing of seed industry, improvement of plants, animals or microorganisms using biotechnology.

7.12.2 R&D activity and/or manufacturing of biopharmaceutical agents using biotechnology

7.12.3 R&D and/or manufacturing of diagnostic kits for health, agriculture, food and environment

7.12.4 R&D and/or manufacturing of bio-molecules and bioactive substances using microorganisms, plant cells, and animal cells

7.12.5 Manufacture of raw materials and/or essential materials for molecular biological research and development, experiment, testing or quality control services and/or production of biological substances

7.12.6 Biological substance analysis and/or synthesis services and/or quality control services and/or product validation services

7.13 Engineering design

7.14 Scientific laboratories

7.15 Calibration services

7.16 Product sterilization services

7.17 Recycling and reuse of unwanted materials

7.18 Waste treatment or disposal

7.19 Vocational training centers

7.21 Motion picture support services

7.22 Tourism promotion services

7.22.1 Ferry services or tour boat services or tour boat renting

7.22.2 Tour boat port services

7.22.3 Amusement parks

7.22.4 Cultural centers or arts and crafts centers

7.22.5 Open zoos

7.22.6 Aquariums

7.22.7 Racetracks

7.22.8 Cable cars

7.23 Activities to support tourism

7.23.2 Convention halls

7.23.3 International exhibition centers

Section 8: Technology and Innovation Development

8.1 Targeted core technology development

8.1.1 Biotechnology Development

8.1.2 Nanotechnology Development

8.1.3 Advanced Material Technology Development

8.1.4 Digital Technology Development

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