PUGNATORIUS: Expertise plus legal project management

The law office is renowned and selected for the swift completion of challenging and demanding projects. The legal counselor looks back to extensive professional experiences from all ranges and sizes of investment projects in Thailand and neighboring countries.


Leading the way: Success stories and track records

  • Set-up of high protection corporate structures (two-tier-structures) for legally super robust foreign direct investments involving a Thai holding company.
  • Advising on several legal and tax aspects for solar power farms and solar rooftop PV facilities.
  • Corporate restructuring of several wind energy farms in Thailand to adjust to ALRO regulations and the transition of free carried interest agreements to offshore entities for cross-border tax planning purposes.
  • Negotiation for the restructuring of several holiday resort projects to facility the business interests of the resort developer, and respectively the residents / lessees through secured lease structures.
  • Feasibility study for Alzheimer’s Super Resorts including preparation of application for BOI promotion as a health rehabilitation center (7.23.4).
  • Implementation of a rubber tree plantation and negotiation of a joint venture agreement between foreign and Thai shareholders.
  • Support and assistance regarding the legal aspects of tender documents for architectural and construction contracts for the construction of a factory, including design and negotiation of the construction contract and supporting documents.


Unconfined confidentiality of clients’ data and identity.

The current status of the projects and the identity of the participants will under no circumstances be disclosed by the law firm.

Random Updates

  • Announcement of the Board of Investment No. 2 /2557

    Due to significant changes in both domestic and international economic and investment landscape, the Board of Investment revised the investment promotion policies and criteria to respond to the current and future situation to be in line with the country’s development policies for the agricultural, industrial and services sectors.

  • The subdivision of Thai land

    Under the Subdivision Act, a subdivision license (aka. developer license) must be obtained before commencement of the subdivision of any parcel of land into ten or more parcels within any consecutive three year period, whether in a single phase or successive phases.

  • Villa ownership: The superficies makes the difference

    Villa buyers on leased land have typically no real legal ownership, but just a weird Thai-style pseudo-ownership. Secure your villa in paradise!

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