Legal services for the hotel and hospitality sector

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the Bangkok-based specialist provider of transactional legal and tax advice on foreign investments in Thailand’s manufacturing and service industries as well as property developments and acquisitions. 

Free industry updates and professional considerations on hotel businesses and other segments of Thailand’s hospitality sector are available on the firm’s webpage. These posts can provide only a low-resolution snapshot and are neither deemed to be legal advice nor do they result in an attorney-client relationship. The remarks are highly simplified and should not be taken as guidance for a particular case, which is typically unrecognized intense and complex.

The law firm advises on various aspects of Thailand’s hospitality industry, including the following:

  • Application for hotel business license and other hospitality licenses
  • Comprehensive legal support in hotel acquisitions
  • Design and preparation of hotel management agreements and villa development structures

Advanced legal and tax advice and assistance for BOI promoted companies and new applications for BOI investment promotion. Sophisticated solutions in a complex legal environment. Serious legal and tax advice in the land of smile.

Professional services to obtain a hotel business license

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is a Bangkok-based specialist provider of bespoke transactional legal and tax advice in the corporate and property legal and taxation industry sectors. The law firm assists hotel operators without a license to apply at the competent governmental agencies. The steps include

  • Review of the legal prerequisites to obtain a hotel business license and allocation under the type 1 till 4 under the law. 
  • Examination of the current compliance of the building structure, floor plan, interior and support and assistance in a remodeling and conversion of the building to comply with the Building Control Act and the requirements of the construction, health, and environmental authorities. 
  • Examination of the current compliance of the hotel operator, hotel staff, and hotel management for the hotel business license requirements.
  • Support and assistance in the preceding steps to lay the legal foundations to apply for a hotel business license, including occupation permit, environmental impact assessment.
  • Design and preparation of the legal agreements and supporting documents, like hotel management or similar contracts. 
  • Application of the hotel license at the Department of Provincial Administration or the Provincial Governor’s Office and assisting and monitoring throughout the whole application process.

Ask the law firm for a specific consultancy and support offer to avoid an immediate close-down of the business.