Seven opportunities: Thailand’s infrastructure projects

Foreign investments in Thailand’s roads, rails, ports, and airports

Thailand warmly welcomes foreign investors to participate in the financing, construction, and operation of infrastructure projects. Various tender procedures will start soon and foreign bidders have to follow strictly Thai laws and regulations for successful bids. Thailands transportation development strategies base on these pillows:

  • An inter-city rail network system with the target to upgrade the rail infrastructure and overall system and build a double-track in six main rails with their extension to the respective borders.
  • Capacity enhancements for the highway network to link with the key areas in the country and with neighboring countries with the development of four-lane road networks connecting Thailand’s key economic regions and borders areas, to construct new motorways,
  • A public transportation network development plan for Bangkok Metropolitan Region to extend the mass transit railway system in Bangkok and vicinity, to improve the quality of service and safety of mass transit bus as well as to enhance its environmental standards.
  • Air transport capacity enhancement and maritime transport development on both the improvement of seaports on both Thai
    Gulf and Andaman sea, to enhance the capacity of airports to be the regional center of air transportation, and to establish the aviation industrial estates

The following selection of seven infrastructure projects seems to be most appropriate for foreign participation in Thailands. This list is constantly updated to reflect the latest developments in Thailand’s infrastructure developments.

Do you like to know more? The law firm keeps foreign companies up-to-date on investment opportunities in Thailand’s energy and infrastructure sectors in its newsletter “Seven Opportunities“. Further information is available here.

How to successfully participate as a foreign company

Thailand is one of the most exciting hubs for contractors in Southeast Asia today, and its construction market is driven by public infrastructure. PUGNATORIUS Ltd. supports and advises foreign companies to access the Thai infrastructure markets. 

offers professional assistance, advice, and support in Thailand regarding these steps:

  • Monitoring and short-listing of current government procurement projects
  • Purchasing of bidding documents and formal registration of bidder
  • Support and assistance in the preparation and timely submission of bids
  • Monitoring of the bidding process and Thai developments
  • Accomplishment of legal requirements and efficient tax structures
  • Overall legal project management in Thailand and continuous reporting

A “fit for purpose” legal and tax support of infrastructure ventures for foreign companies, investors, and financial institutions.  

Welcome to the premium independent advisory law firm. PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is a Bangkok-headquartered specialist provider of bespoke transactional legal and tax advice in the corporate and property legal and taxation industry sectors. 

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