Legal and tax advice on offshore structures and offshore companies

Offshore companies are the hidden champions of cost-efficient structurings, asset protection, and succession planning. Corporate structuring without offshore entities results in sub-optimized group structures and ineffective protection mechanisms. However, the offshore world needs experienced advice and a special know-how to properly implement the declaration of trust and other agreements between the offshore service provider, nominee, ultimate beneficial owner, and shadow director.

Offshore, midshore and onshore assistance and advice

PUGNATORIUS supports offshore investments and investor in a broad scope of activities. This does not include legal advice on offshore jurisdictions. Typical matters include:

  • Independent advice on advantages and disadvantages of offshore structures, the recommendation for a specific offshore jurisdiction, the offshore service provider and the individual parameters of the offshore company.
  • Negotiations with offshore service providers and nominees regarding contractual obligations, reporting, compliance and other matters. Design and negotiation of a declaration of trust and nominee agreement.
  • Communication with the offshore service provider – if required on a no-name basis – and support and logistic support in the formation of the offshore company.
  • Support and assistance during the formation of offshore companies and the opening of offshore bank accounts.
  • Providing compliance related documentation and confirmations as required by banks and offshore providers.
  • Sourcing and providing of company files from offshore companies worldwide.

The end of banking secrecy in some countries, greater regulation forced through by the United States and G20 together with ongoing OECD initiatives and the increasing prevalence of Tax Information Exchange Agreements, will take their toll on banking and tax planning secrecy respectively non-declaration.

Tax compliant offshore investments and structuring

There is a current misconception that offshore business is about evading taxes and hiding money from the government, which is certainly not the case. There are 100% legitimate ways to structure your business interests overseas and realize significant benefits from an asset protection standpoint — as well as tax-standpoint.

PUGNATORIUS can efficiently and precisely set out a strategy to manage your offshore exposure taking into account the bigger picture. The firms maintains long-term, handpicked relationships with global affiliates that share our policy and standards. Offshore advice and support for high net worth clients and corporations

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