Seven opportunities: FDI in Thailand

Seven Opportunities

Seven Opportunities

How to do thriving business in Thailand

The land of smile offers a wide scope of business activities. However, not all ventures make economic sense and benefit from locational advantages. For a no-nonsense foreign investment, the following seven business opportunities should be on the shortlist of a serious investor:

#1. Real estate acquisitions and developments: Thailand’s islands, beaches, coastal regions, but also its “up-country” and backland offer highly attractive investment opportunities. To comply with the foreigner legislation, a Thai corporation has to be set-up as the legal owner of the land. If properly structured, such company can be managed and even dominated by a foreign shareholder.

Thailand’s property industry is full of shams, scams, and illegality, but a proper investment structure, a comprehensive due diligence, and sophisticated contracts can provide the foreigner with a protected investment, fully in compliance with the local legislation. Would you like to know more?

#2. Thailand 4.0: Four-point-zero stands for a value-based economy with an emphasis on research and development, science and technology, creative thinking, and innovation. Following Germany’s “Industry 4.0”-concept, the Thai economy shall be improved to reach new heights to compete sooner or later with Japan and Korea.

A special focus is on the “10-S-Curve industries”: Next-Generation Automotive, Smart Electronics, Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Food for the Future, Automation and Robotics, Aviation and Logistics, Biofuel and Biochemicals, Digital, Medical Hub. Apart from this, Industry 5.0, aka. blockchain technology could be the core of Thailand 4.0: Would you like to know more?

#3. Eastern Economic Corridor: The EEC, Thailand’s new flagship investment zone, is the enhancement of the former Eastern Seaboard. It consists of the three Eastern provinces Rayong, Chonburi, and Chachoengsao with a combined area of 13,285 square kilometers.

To promote the EEC, the government has set out three pillars: infrastructure developments, super-generous incentives, and investment facilitation. Would you like to know more?

#4. Solar energy: Thailand offers attractive conditions for investments in the country’s second solar gold rush. Currently, more than 90% of the solar energy is produced on ground-based solar farms.

Based on a new regulation, solar rooftop facilities can use new, more beneficial investment structures. The foreign promoter can install, operate and maintain solar panels on commercial and industrial rooftops and sell electricity to the rooftop owner.

Floatovoltaics, floating solar farms on water should have a great future and offer highly innovative opportunities. Would you like to know more?

#5. Agriculture and livestock: Foreign investments will help to develop Thailand into a farming superpower. The country’s natural biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity to supply the world market as a major player in producing and exporting tropical farm products.

Livestock are a key source of food for the world, making them a coveted investing product for some. The term “livestock” includes domesticated animals that are raised to produce various commodities. That list includes, but is not limited to pigs, cattle, chicken, and farmed fish among many others. Would you like to know more?

#6. Hotel and hospitality: Thailand offers a broad scope of opportunities to acquire an existing hotel or to start a new hotel business, to develop a resort or any other hospitality business. The law firm has a particular expertise to successfully apply for hotel business licenses. Would you like to know more?

#7. Cryptocurrencies and FinTech: Crypto-Thailand offers highly beneficial investment opportunities, efficient tax schemes and an attractive market for innovative blockchain ventures in a complex and volatile legal and tax environment.

Foreign investors and HNWI can profit from Thailand’s territorial tax system and the country’s general crypto-friendliness. Also, a cross-border structure can move the cryptoventure offshore. Would you like to know more?

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