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PUGNATORIUS Ltd. in Koh Samui

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. in Koh Samui

The deceptive easy way to a property investment built on Phuket sand

Foreign property investments in Phuket are traditionally structured without the focus on legal validity, compliance with Thailand’s foreigner legislation and a robust protection against Thai shareholders and landlords. The cooperation with powerful property developers makes it easy to offer a fast-lane to a quick buy into Phuket properties, exotic investments schemes, and leaseholds based on trust and hope.  

Not everyone feels comfortable with such one-stop-shopping approach, with a well-functioning group working hand-in-hand to get each deal done swiftly. Things which are easily achieved, are frequently not worth the money. However, independent professional advice from outside is not available around the next corner. 

Phuket property investments, designed and established just a few years ago, are increasingly nonmarketable or at least difficult to sell because of their problematic corporate structure and doubtful land ownership or building legality. It is a reasonable consideration to accomplish a quiet due diligence and look for an exit strategy before the faults and quirks are public domain.

A better way: Legally valid, compliant with the laws, and protected by independent legal counsel from offshore

The Bangkok law firm PUGNATORIUS Ltd. provides its foreigner-focussed legal support and assistance through a trusted partner law firm in Phuket. This enables strict compliance with our Bangkok policies, protocols, and procedures in Phuket, Krabi, and other island locations.

This is the added value: A protected corporate structure in full compliance with the law. Comprehensive due diligence which truly lives up to its name. A most efficient hotel business licensing process. A more competitive design of property development. The PUGNATORIUS advantage is badly needed at a place where foreign investments are typically built on sand.

Secure your place in Phuket’s paradise.

The international real estate and business law firm, located in the heart of Bangkok’s business district, appreciates the opportunity to submit a competitive offer for professional services which give Phuket property developers, hotel companies as well as foreign investors a fresh and innovative alternative for independent sophisticated legal advice and assistance. 

If you have any queries about what we do, or if you would like to approach us to discuss your legal requirements, please e-mail, message or call us using the details set out on the top of this page. 

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