Bangkok Plant Science Congress 2018

World Congress on Plant Genomics and Plant Science - Bangkok, Thailand

World Congress on Plant Genomics and Plant Science - Bangkok, Thailand

World Congress on Agriculture, Plant Science and Genomics

The ”World Congress on Plant Genomics and Plant Science” is held on November 23-24,2018 at Bangkok, Thailand. This conference will focus on the theme “Unfolding Scientific Research on Plant Genomics”. We are sure that you will appreciate the scientific program. Plant science conference is anticipating participants from plant science scientists, marine biologists researchers, business professionals, and government officials from across the world.

Plant Science Congress 2018 is an exciting opportunity to meet with like-minded people and industry peers. Conferences bring together people from all different geographical areas who share a common discipline or field. Widely acclaimed speakers, the latest systems, improvements, and the most up to date refreshes in plant science and genomics are signs of this gathering.

Location: Avani Atrium | Bangkok Thailand | Tubtim Conference Hall

Plant science meets blockchain: Developing and commercializing a blockchain-enabled supply chain integrity platform to ensure the safe, legal and authenticated flow of products and value through the cannabis market is just one use-case. 


PUGNATORIUS Ltd. has been invited as speaker and chairman of the organizing committee for the World Plant Science Congress 2018.

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