Company laws of the world: The Thailand reference book

German-language publication on Thailand’s corporate and investment laws

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. released the first German-language reference book on Thailand’s company laws. The book is published by Germany’s oldest publishing house C.H.Beck (established 1763). It is part of the renowned collected edition “Company laws of the world” aka. Corporate laws of the world, with one of the most prestigious German law firms as lead editor.

The reference book has been attentively written over a period of two years by the corporate lawyers of PUGNATORIUS LIMITED in Bangkok. It reflects the latest status of the jurisdiction of Thailand’s Supreme Court, selected provincial court decisions, as well as current industry practices, accompanied by an apparatus of academic footnotes with references to important documents, related subjects, and official publications.

The reference book can be acquired at any German specialist bookstore or online, above all at Amazon. An English version is in the making, but should not be expected to be pushed onto the market soon. German readers find more insights about the publication at


This one-of-a-kind reference book contains detailed reports on the corporate laws of more than 50 countries worldwide. Within each report the following information is presented: The legal status of private limited liability companies; the legal status of public companies; registration requirements; foundation; duration; name; legal capacity; memorandum and articles of association; capital and protection of capital; rights and duties of shareholders; corporate bodies and officers; the power of representation; liability of corporate bodies; liability of shareholders; listing of the corporation; employee participation; annual financial statement: disclosure obligations; transfer of shares; encumbrance of shares; establishment of branches; insolvency; liquidation and winding-up; taxation; conversion; conflict of laws; cross-border structuring; overview of the law concerning capital markets.

The authors of the Thailand chapters

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the Bangkok-based specialist provider of legal services and tax advice on foreign investments in Thailand’s manufacturing and service industries as well as property acquisitions and developments. Sophisticated solutions in a complex legal environment. Serious legal and tax advice in the land of smile.

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is German-managed and has the conviction that it pays to do what is right, not what is easy – even in Thailand. The law firm’s activities are dedicated to legal and tax advice and specialized in guiding discerning foreign clients through the red-tape requirements, legal hurdles, and tax considerations in the firm’s core practice areas.

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