Road map to achieve 30% Renewable Energy by 2036

Why Attend?

We are happy to organize Thailand’s Most Exciting Solar Energy Event. Thailand has been incentivizing investment in solar projects for many years and now reaps the benefits of this initiative. Thailand’s electricity generating sector is considered to be one of the most secure businesses in Thailand for private operators given the long-term power purchase agreement with the three state utilities EGAT, MEA, and PEA. Some key highlights of this market include 30% renewables by 2036, renewables to represent 15-20% of the energy mix, a target of 3GW of installed solar increasing to 17W by 2025, Utilities spending Bt200 Billion on smart grid solutions. With ASEAN quickly turning to renewable energy hub technological innovations, favorable government policies and clean energy demand surge are among the top trends in Thailand Market.

Solar is a significant part of the Thai renewable strategy. State-owned utilities are investing in utility-scale floating solar projects, the government is offering generous incentives for rooftop solar and large energy users are adopting onsite solar at an increasing rate.

The event is sponsored by Trina Solar and, therefore, free to watch by Zoom conference. The opening remarks are kindly provided by the Director of Solar Energy Development Division, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency at Thailand’s Ministry of Energy. Another speaker is EGAT’s Director Hydro and Renewable Energy Power Plant Development Division, just to name these two. 

Key Points of Discussion

  • Thailand Solar Energy Policy: CEO’s & Govt Talk
  • Energy Trading, IoT and Smart Metering Industry Dialogue
  • Floatovoltaics Thailand: Allowing Investors in Solar PV to compete for Bigger Projects and Larger Markets
  • Rural Development & Energy Storage: Grid Tied Solar + Storage Talk
  • Thailand SolarRoofs Mission

Professional advice on renewable energy transactions by the Bangkok law firm

Dr. Ulrich Eder and the law firm PUGNATORIUS Ltd. in Bangkok are one of the predominant advisors on renewable energy projects in Thailand. In recent years, they advised foreign clients to participate in Thailand’s solar energy project tenders and to develop wind farm projects. The law firm provides legal opinions on particular regulatory requirements and the feasibility of solar rooftop and other renewable energy developments. As the latest solar project so far, Dr. Eder represented a European solar energy company in its sale of an operating Thai solar farm to a huge Thai stakeholder in July 2020.

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