Professional services and administrative assistance

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

The seven rules of engagement

#1. Admin assistance: The law firm provides through social media and Internet webchat services administrative assistance to online visitors to find information on the firm’s website, to assist for contacts with the firm’s lawyers and to arrange introductory meetings, phone calls, and other forms of communication. Such support and service is neither provided by a lawyer nor a legal consultant and is not deemed to be legal or tax advice.  All statements are preliminary, noncommittal and not binding. The administrative assistance service is powered by #PUGASSIST and the assistant might not be located in Thailand.

#2. No legal help desk: The law firm does not provide links to other websites, legal documents, law books, regulations, market information or any translations of such documents. Information regarding government help desk opportunities or referrals of any kind are not provided as well.

#3. Website: The website gives a wealth of free details, up-to-date statements, and unique references, without providing legal or tax advice, without constituting an attorney-client relationship, and without accepting any legal or other liability. The remarks are highly simplified and should not be taken as guidance for a particular case, which is typically unrecognized intense and complex. The website’s content might be updated, changed or deleted at any time without previous or subsequent notifications. 

#4. Introductory meeting: Prior to a possible consultancy agreement, a low-resolution high-level introductory meeting can be agreed. Such an introduction of the project and the participant to the law firm as well as the general performance capacity of the law firm does not create an attorney-client relationship. Any meeting fees paid in advance are non-refundable administration costs.  

#5. Professional services: Each case is different and general statements regarding legal, tax and market aspects should not be taken as the basis for any particular business decision. The law firm provides professional services only under an explicit fee arrangement and subject to an advance fee payment. Therefore, all information and suggestions by e-mail, chat or in written form outside of an attorney-client relationship are preliminary and deemed to be non-binding and non-committal. The law firm’s consultancy offer is accepted by making the advance payment. The consultancy offer and a consultancy and fee agreement do not constitute legal advice. 

#6. Project preparation: Project preparation is an essential part of any legal assignment. These seven steps are accomplished as the first phase of the assignment and not available without a valid agreement for professional services by the law firm:

#7. Legal concierge service: Up-to-date information regarding investment opportunities and Thailand’s legal and tax environment, as well as a constant business hand-holding of foreign companies, are available under the “Seven Opportunities” service of the law firm. 

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