Seven opportunities: Premium membership

public-private partnership opportunities for foreign investors in Thailand

public-private partnership opportunities for foreign investors in Thailand

Regulatory framework, tax structuring, investment opportunities in Thailand: Do you like to know more?

Thailand offers attractive investment opportunities for foreign companies in the infrastructure and energy, production, agriculture, and FinTech sectors. This includes

  • the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Cluster and supercluster developments
  • Special incentives by the Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Thailand’s megaprojects
  • Thailand 4.0 projects, taking off to New Heights
  • Public-private partnership opportunities
  • Thailand’s share in China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) infrastructure
  • Renewable energy projects, especially solar energy facilities and wind farms.
  • The Thailand Canal (Kra Isthmus Canal).
  • The legal, tax, and business environment for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
  • Industry 5.0, aka. blockchain technology.

However, unbiased information on current projects are not easy to obtain from abroad. Government agencies as the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) present understandably just one side of the coin. Updated information is typically available in Thai language only. The information published in Thailand’s English speaking newspapers is filtered by government agencies.

The investment concierge service in Thailand

Learn from the best: The articles published on the law firm’s website attract a high level of attention by the public, international newspapers, and even government agencies. However, they only represent the tip of the iceberg, while the firm’s deep market and industry knowledge, as well as sensitive data, are not publicly disclosed.

However, these intel are available to selected participants on the basis of “Seven Opportunities”, a premium membership program with the Bangkok law firm. On-the-spot updates, new legal, tax and business developments, unique investment opportunities, highly customized to the needs and demands of the subscriber. This includes individual requests, questions, and specific demands.

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