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PUGNATORIUS offers solid and sustainable strategies to protect foreign investments, to bring down corporate taxes and capture challenging markets. Innovative and high-performance legal and tax advice for important and challenging assignments. Prepared for a long-term counseling, a mid-term investment project or an alpha scramble. 


Legal strength on your side – highly capable, relevant and affordable services

Trust kills faster than bullets. PUGNATORIUS provides sophisticated corporate, financial and tax structuring utilizing the full scope of internationally recognized tools and modules for a smart and efficient investment structure.

It is the law firm’s policy that (only) a sophisticated structure of the investment results in an investment design with is fully compliant with Thailand’s foreigner legislation (Foreign Business Act, Land Code, foreign labor legislation, other).

Much more important, the firm develops for many years a specific protection mechanism which enables, on the one hand, a foreign investor to obtain all the profits and rise in value of his investment and, on the other hand, to hold the absolute majority of voting rights and controlling power in the shareholders meeting of a foreign direct investment.

The PUGNATORIUS’ solutions are based on strict compliance with the local legislation and avoidance of unnecessary corruption or dishonest shortcuts.


Counselor in Bangkok – Ready when you are

PUGNATORIUS is part of an honorable consortium of Bangkok law firms with qualified experts in all areas and sectors of Thai laws and taxes and a deep understanding of administrative processes.

More than twenty well-established professionals are immediately available for projects which require greater workforce for work-intensive projects or specific expertise in particular industry sectors. Details of lawyers’ previous career steps, expert fields, and specific experiences are available on request.

Our clients often seek our advice regarding issues that are not addressed by their law firms, or when they do not receive the attention they desire. We provide cutting-edge German precision and top-class work products in an uncertain legal environment of corruption, steadily changing governmental policies and vague legislation.


Premium legal and tax advice in whole Thailand

PUGNATORIUS does not earn, nor will it accept, commissions, finder’s fees, kickbacks or transaction money. The law firm does not offer property for sale, does not provide investment advice and will not recommend any third party other than from the proved and tested PUGNATORIUS network.

Random Updates

  • Doing business in Frankfurt

    Frankfurt is a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and traffic. It is the most important financial centre of the European continent, with the HQs of the European Central Bank, German Federal Bank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DZ Bank, KfW, several fintech startups and other institutes. Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s largest trade fairs. Major fairs include the Frankfurt Motor Show, the world’s largest motor show, and the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest book fair. The law firm advises foreign investors how to do business in Frankfurt and other parts of Germany.

  • Secured property lease structures in Thailand

    The conventional Thai property lease shows more and more vulnerability and weakness. Instead of risky and unfit investment schemes, property developers should look seriously into secured lease structures to attract even risk-averse foreign property investors.

  • Condotel ventures in Thailand

    Condotels operate as a hotel business inside a condominium complex. This business venture combines attractive advantages for a foreign buyer and provides the ingredients for a successful investment – if done properly. Secure your condotel in paradise.

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