Thailand Legislation Update

Thailand Legislation Update

Thailand’s government aims to complete, resolve and enact about a hundred pending laws and bills before the general election takes place, which is currently scheduled for March 24, 2019. This is the constantly updated list of laws which have been enacted under the #100laws program, of laws which have been carved-out and will not be enacted before the general election date, and significant laws which are on the waiting list. 

Done list

19/02/19: The amended Narcotics Act came into effect. Details. Details.

09/03/19: The Crown Property Land Act / The State Property Act has been announced on March 9, 2019, and will be implemented after 120 days. Under the new legislation, the use of certain land will require a lease from the governmental treasury department. Non-compliance is punished with up to five years in prison. Would you like to know more?

Go, go list

Announced entries on the top-100-list are the following:

24/01/19: Enacting of the new Power Development Plan. Details.

24/01/19: Amendment to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Act. Details.

25/01/19: Town planning for the EEC. Details

26/01/19: Air Navigation Act. Details.

28/01/19: Cybersecurity bill. Details.

05/02/19: Amendment of the Food Act 1979. Details.

11/02/19: Twenty organic laws for the land and building tax. Details.

12/02/19: Revised PPP Promotion Act. Details.

19/02/19: The second and third readings of the Rice Bill are listed as the second urgent item on the agenda for deliberations at the upcoming NLA session, ranking behind the Town Planning Bill. The modified draft law rephrased or removed some controversial clauses. Still, some farmers and figures remain worried about this draft law. Details. Update.

20/02/19: Amendment to the Forest Act. Details

22/02/19: Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment bill. Details

22/02/19: Data protection and cybersecurity bills are expected to come into effect by May. DetailsDetails.

No-go list

Pending legislation which will not be completed by the current government:

28/01/19: Bill on e-business taxation. Details


Already approved by the Thai Cabinet or the National Legislation Assembly (NLA), but not yet enacted:

13/12/18: NLA-approved amendment of the Labour Protection Act (No. 7) to strengthen workers rights and compensations.

#100laws to be continued…

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