Thailand Real Estate Investment & Property Law

Thailand Real Estate Investment & Property Law Forum, September 2013 in Bangkok: Conference Chairman, Speaker “Foreign land ownership restrictions in Thailand and the ASEAN Economic Community” 


This example slide from that conference gives an overview regarding Regulation 205/2555 as of November 22, 2012. (The Order of the Registrar Office of Partnership and Company Incorporation No. 205/2555 , Subject: The required documents for Partnership and Company incorporation): Entities planning to set up a partnership or a company limited in Thailand must submit certified bank statements declaring the financial standing of all Thai partners or shareholders. The bank statement must be submitted together with the business set-up application. The said document must indicate the equivalent monetary value of each shareholder’s number of shares given the following condition: (i) if the partnership or the company limited has foreign investors holding shares less than 50% in the partnership or company limited, or; (ii) if there is no foreign investor in the partnership or company limited but has a foreign member of the Board of Directors or has a non-Thai signatory representing the business entity. The said order will take effect on January 2, 2013.

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