Thailand Real Estate Investment & Property Law

Thailand Real Estate Investment & Property Law Forum, September 2013 in Bangkok: Conference Chairman, Speaker “Foreign land ownership restrictions in Thailand and the ASEAN Economic Community” <Brochure>


This example slide from that conference gives an overview regarding Regulation 205/2555 as of November 22, 2012. (The Order of the Registrar Office of Partnership and Company Incorporation No. 205/2555 , Subject: The required documents for Partnership and Company incorporation): Entities planning to set up a partnership or a company limited in Thailand must submit certified bank statements declaring the financial standing of all Thai partners or shareholders. The bank statement must be submitted together with the business set up application. The said document must indicate the equivalent monetary value of each shareholder’s number of shares given the following condition: (i) if the partnership or the company limited has foreign investors holding shares less than 50% in the partnership or company limited, or; (ii) if there is no foreign investor in the partnership or company limited but has a foreign member of the Board of Directors or has a non-Thai signatory representing the business entity. The said order will take effect on January 2, 2013.

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