Thailand’s high-end tourism in the post-pandemic world

Thailand’s difficult but rewarding journey from mass tourism to a high-end destination

All the signs are that traditional tourism will not be superior to the corona crisis. Mass tourism, cheap overseas flights, and the desire of millions of people for exotic beaches seem to be a thing of the past. This development hits Thailand with full force.

The land of smile is reacting quickly and in the right way. It starts with a fast transition from backpacker paradise to target big spenders seeking privacy and social distancing in a post-pandemic world. In the Bloomberg article “Thailand Aims to Turn Away From Mass Tourism and Target the Wealthy”,  Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn outlined the new concept. 

Thailand rightly sees the unique opportunity to become an ecological holiday destination for high-end visitors who are looking for peace and relaxation at a high level. While these high standards have been stultified based on existing mass tourism, there is now the possibility of a true reset of the tourism industry.

The serious consequences for Thailand’s tourism industry

The transition requires the tourism industry to act carefully, courageously, and quickly. In the future, the aim will be to provide high-quality accommodation in five-star hotels, luxury resorts, and exclusive villas. The journey of the low-cost tourist to his accustomed middle-class hotel may become considerably more difficult or even completely impossible due to a new regulatory environment.


Existing accommodation establishments should be examined to see whether they are fit for the future. An alternative use might be the provision for local tourism by Thai travelers. In many cases, only the shutdown may be commercially reasonable. This is followed by a number of follow-up questions, also in the legal field.

To adjust for a small number of arrivals, such as some business executives and medical tourists, 

Professional services from Bangkok for Thailand’s new tourism industry

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