Legal services, tax structuring, and transaction support services for import, export, and trade businesses

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the Bangkok-based specialist provider of transactional legal and tax advice on foreign investments in Thailand’s manufacturing and service industries as well as property developments and acquisitions. The law firm owns a paperless customs license for import to Thailand and advises on a broad scope of legal and tax aspects of import, export, and trade of goods and services:

Cross-border trade is in Thailand a highly regulated industry. Thailand’s Export and Import of Goods Act and its various regulations and decrees provide a complex framework. PUGNATORIUS Ltd. advises on the design of the commercial structure in Thailand and abroad, the applicability of Free Trade Agreements, including Rules of Origin,  application for Certificate of Origin, and the legislation for the Generalized System of Preferences. 

Trade documents: The scope of services includes the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements with suppliers, shipping companies, customers, the key elements of international contracts of sale, INCOTERMS, Bill of lading (B/L) or air waybill, packing list, certificate of origin, other relevant documents as the list of ingredients, technical standards certificates. 

License and customs: The application for and the granting of import and export licenses has to be in accordance and strict compliance with the rules, procedures, and conditions prescribed by the Ministerial Regulations. Currently, more than 50 categories of goods require an import license – this list is frequently modified by ministry notifications. The law firm supports the application of import and export licenses and other business licenses for the operating of the import/export venture. Legal advice and transaction support on customs, including classification and quotas; customs valuation, country of origin issues, applications for repayment or remission of duties, waiver or mitigation of penalties, and appeals against customs decisions.

TISI: The Thai Industrial Standards Institute maintains a list of regulated products that are required to get a TISI stamp. Failure to get certified by TISI results in a substantial punishment for importers and distributors. 

Taxation and financing: Handling of all import/export-related tax issues including VAT and Excise Tax. Legal advice and transaction support on export financing. PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the tax counsel in Thailand for the international ADVISORY EXCELLENCE GROUP.