Thailand’s legal framework for biomass plants and waste-to-energy facilities

RESCHEDULED: Recycled Energy Asia 2020/2021 conference, 6th Biomass BioEnergy Asia conference, Waste to Energy Asia 2020/2021 conference – new dates to be confirmed soon


Rescheduled: The Recycled Energy Asia 2020/2021 conference is again rescheduled and new dates will be confirmed soon. It incorporates the WtE Asia 2020/2021 and 6th Biomass BioEnergy Asia, jointly taking place in the same venue. WtE Asia offers strategic and commercial insights on waste to energy prospects, assessment of technologies, supply chain, and energy/environment economics. Both Biomass & BioEnergy Asia focuses on the commercial and economic development of regional agricultural biomass’ exports and carbonization. 

Law firm industry partner: The Bangkok law firm PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the event’s industry partner and a keynote speaker on the topic “Legal aspects of the development and operation of biomass and waste-to-energy projects in Thailand: Legal requirements and the complex regulatory framework in Thailand. Foreign investment opportunities in Thailand’s markets – players and projects. Investment promotion by Thailand’s Board of Investment – scope, requirements, tactics. Legal aspects of location selection and the best timing for new Thai ventures.” Dr. Ulrich Eder is the Managing Director and shareholder of Tomsa Destil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and PUGNATORIUS Ltd.

Event venue: The conference is located at Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 at Sukhumvit Soi 19 in Bangkok. This is just ten minutes away from the offices of PUGNATORIUS Ltd. A meeting at the board room of the law firm can be arranged before, during, or after the event. Further information regarding Recycled Energy Asia 2020 is available on the conference website.


Updates on the law firm’s activities regarding  Thailand’s first bioeconomy complex 

The realization of large-scale plant constructions in the biomass and waste2energy industries

The time is now: The rescheduling of the three industry conferences should not be taken as a recommendation to postpone the planning, development, and implementation of biomass and waste-to-energy facilities in the land of smile. The economic necessity, attractive subsidy conditions, and a friendly industrial policy suggest the earliest possible investment in this area of large-scale plant constructions.

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the Bangkok-based specialist provider of legal services and tax advice on foreign investments in Thailand’s manufacturing and service industries as well as property acquisitions and developments. With respect to renewable energy, the law firm is one of the experienced and well-reputed legal service providers, especially in the solar energy sector. Its lawyers have been the speaker on various international renewable energy conferences and are frequently quoted in corporate press releases, magazine articles, and Thailand country reports. Dr. Ulrich Eder is the shareholder and sole director of Tomsa Destil (Thailand) Ltd.

Professional offer: The law firm offers to foreign companies comprehensive support in the project development of a biomass plant, waste to energy facility, or similar investment in Thailand. Legal opinions, hands-on support, and practical advice about how to structure the project from a legal and tax planning viewpoint, an overview of the license requirements and approval steps, limitations under Thailand’s foreigner legislation, tax structuring requirements, as well as industry-proven solutions from international corporations.

Disclaimer: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This low-resolution high-level outlook constitutes neither legal advice, nor an attorney-client relationship, nor equips with the insights, tools or skills to do this without the Bangkok investment law firm. 

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