Legal advice, tax structuring and transaction support from Bangkok to protect and restructure wealth and assets

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. is the Bangkok-based specialist provider of transactional legal and tax advice on foreign investments in Thailand’s manufacturing and service industries as well as property developments and acquisitions. The law firm has a particular interest, know-how, and experience with respect to wealth and asset protection schemes and the utilization of Thailand’s legal and tax framework for a smart cross-border restructuring in compliance with local laws. 

Tax haven countries: During the last few years, traditional safe-haven jurisdictions have eroded under the pressure of OECD regulations, anti-privacy legislation, and political developments. As an alternative location for foreign wealth investments, Thailand develops to be a hidden champion. Its territory tax system, relaxed reporting standards, and decentralized governmental system provide efficient advantages for UHNWI and wealthy economic migrants. 

Wealth Containers: Asset-holding legal entities are promoted as a wealth container for alternative investments. Containerizing private markets deem to standardize, simplify, and digitally configure investment entities to be set up and deployed from a laptop or phone app. This is promoted as the same approach as the shipping container revolutionized international trade. 

China: Thailand is the gateway for Chinese investors into western markets and easy access to non-Chinese financial institutions. The land of smile might be used as a springboard to reach Singapore, Switzerland, and Germany. This might be of current significance for Hong Kong’s wealth. 

Professional services from the Bangkok investment law firm

PUGNATORIUS Ltd. supports and advises foreign investors and individuals to access the Thai markets. It offers professional assistance, advice, and transaction support for foreign investments, the transfer of funds and wealth, cryptocurrency advice. This includes investment structures in compliance with Thailand’s foreigner legislation, digital asset decrees, and policies of governmental authorities. 

The Bangkok law firm advises on legally compliant investment structures, opportunities under Thailand’s foreigner legislation, fintech and crypto structures, and efficient tax structuring. In addition, various transaction support services are offered, without providing financial services or investment advice. PUGNATORIUS Ltd. offers legal opinions to investment structures, wealth container models, and other types of investment schemes.

Family offices: PUGNATORIUS Ltd. welcomes any cooperation with international family offices, private offshore banks, and licensed financial service providers outside of Thailand. 

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