PUGNATORIUS as industry leader and distinguished lecturer on conferences and seminars

The tax and law firm’ concept of legal and tax industry leadership does not stop with acting as known expert and trusted source of legal and tax information. The firm is a sought-after panelist and discussion leader and regularly speaks at industry events. In fact, during the last few years the firm’s lawyers have been the speaker, panelist and/or conference chairman on these professional conferences.

  • Real Estate Investment & Law Updates Thailand

    Real Estate Investment & Law Updates Thailand, October 2011 in Bangkok: Conference Chairman “Legal and tax aspects of real estate investments” <Brochure>

  • Contract Risk Management Conference

    Thailand Contract Risk Management Conference, September 2007 in Bangkok: Speaker “The risk management of long term financings – legal, financial and technical aspects: Risk inventory of a complex financing contract. Risk policy as key aspect for the risk analysis. Risk evaluation: How to handle incident rates, amount of contractual damages and sensitivities Risk steering and crisis management: Getting risks done The art of risk communication: How to establish a risk management cockpit.” <Brochure>

  • Thailand Real Estate Investment & Property Law

    Thailand Real Estate Investment & Property Law Forum, September 2013 in Bangkok: Conference Chairman, Speaker “Foreign land ownership restrictions in Thailand and the ASEAN Economic Community” <Brochure> This example slide from that conference gives an overview regarding Regulation 205/2555 as of November 22, 2012. (The Order of the Registrar Office of Partnership and Company Incorporation No. 205/2555 , Subject: The required documents for Partnership and Company incorporation): Entities planning to set up a partnership or a company limited in Thailand must submit certified bank statements declaring the financial standing of all Thai partners or shareholders. The bank statement must be submitted together with the business set up application. The said document must […]

  • Thai Tax Regulatory Updates & Efficient Tax Planning

    Thai Tax Regulatory Updates & Efficient Tax Planning, February 2012 in Bangkok: Speaker “The implications of the new corporate income tax rate for international tax planning” <Brochure>

  • 6th PPPs In Emerging Markets Conference

    The PPPs in Emerging Markets Summit Series started in 2010 and is now in the 6th Edition. The summit bring together Infrastructure & Project Finance leaders across government agencies, investors, project sponsors, development banks and consultants to discuss about various different topics of Public Private Partnerships. These are the speakers: Event Feature includes Ministerial and governmental presentation on future pipeline projects and government initiatives to support PPPs, distinguished panelists to discuss key issues in developing countries to attract investment in infrastructure, developing best practice and understanding risks and rewards for major essential projects and International case studies from key sectors – Transport, Energy & Power, Healthcare, Water & Waste, Schools […]

  • What will happen when Thailand’s civil laws are enforced?

    Legal lecture held for the Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya on March 7, 2017, at the Hotel Holiday Inn, Beach Road, Pattaya.

  • Project Financing Conference: Focusing on Energy & Infrastructure

    Project Financing 2012 Conference: Focusing on Energy & Infrastructure Sectors, March 2012 in Bangkok: Speaker “Risk Allocation and Incentive Schemes in a Public Private Partnership” <Brochure>

  • Asia Offshore Summit

    Asia Offshore Summit 2015, June 3-4 2015 in Bangkok: Speaker “Foreign direct investment in Thailand and foreign disinvestments to offshore. Escape to Southeast Asia – Thailand as a safe haven jurisdiction for offshore funds.” An exclusive conference dedicated to the Asian High Net Worth Elite <Brochure>

  • Solar Power Asia Conference

    Solar Power Asia Conference, August 18-19, 2014 in Singapore: Conference Chairman, Panelist, Legal Work Shop Leader “Legal frameworks and solar investments in ASEAN” <Brochure>

  • Public-Private-Partnerships in emerging markets

    The conference series gives access to emerging markets from across Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe & the Middle East for a program of capacity building and networking with Infrastructure & Project Finance leaders across government agencies, investors, project sponsors, EPC’s and consultants.

  • Land & Property Law in Thailand

    Land & Property Law in Thailand, August 2008 in Bangkok: Conference Chairman “Legal and tax aspects of real estate investments, Update and analytical views on the latest government stimulus measures for the real estate industry, including tax incentives and release of capital control, recent legal developments and changes, such as Foreign Business Act, Escrow Business Act, Environmental Impact Assessment, Condominium Act, Building Inspection Act” <Brochure>

  • Project Finance Thailand Conference

    Project Finance Thailand Conference, March 26-27, 2015 in Bangkok: Conference chairman and speaker on “Attracting foreign investments to capitalize on new sources of long term finaning and accelerate project implementation”, panelist moderator on “ASEAN integration and regulations, opportunities and challenges of infrastructure projects in the region” and panelist on “Overcoming project finance challenges in renewable energy in Asia” <Brochure>

  • Myanmar Power & Electricity Summit

    Myanmar Power & Electricity Summit, June 2013 in Yangon: Conference Chairman, Speaker “Good and bad experiences from Thailand – applicable to the Myanmar power & electricity markets” <Brochure>

  • Merger & Acquisition Conference

    Merger & Acquisition Conference, April 29-30, 2015 in Bangkok: Speaker “Thailand – Fit for cross-border acquisitions? The implications of Thailand’s foreigner legislation and policy on foreign acquisitions.”<Brochure>

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